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亚博yabo首页登录|粤媒:高拉特归化并未划上句号 恒大表示仍在争取

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   Source of manuscript: Southern Metropolis Daily


   The night before, the first stage of the Chinese Super League finally ended. Group A's Guangzhou Evergrande, Jiangsu Suning, Shandong Luneng, Shanghai Shenhua and Group B's Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan, Chongqing Dangdai, Hebei Huaxia will compete in the championship group, they will compete in the Suzhou Division for the championship of this special season, and the rest Eight teams will fight for relegation in the Dalian Division. Many years later, when we talk about the most intensive schedule, closed environment, and different competition system in the history of Chinese football in the past two months, what do you think first?

前一天晚上,中国超级联赛的第一阶段终于结束了。 A组的广州恒大,江苏苏宁,山东鲁能,上海神华和B组的上海SIPG,北京国安,重庆当代,河北华夏将参加冠军组的比赛,他们将在苏州赛区争夺本赛季的冠军,并且其余八支球队将在大连分区保级。多年以后,当我们谈论过去两个月中中国足球史上最密集的赛程,封闭的环境和不同的比赛体系时,您首先想到的是什么?





   The first stage of the Chinese Super League was held in Dalian and Suzhou respectively. Last season’s low-ranking Shanghai Shenhua and Shenzhen Football Team raised the level of the team by signing up in the winter transfer window. Coupled with the fact that the Dalian team is a "home game", the overall card strength of the A team is definitely higher than that of the B team. . Henan Jianye, the eighth place in the league last season, was finally at the bottom of Group A, which can explain the problem. Their points are much higher than Tianjin Teda, who is at the bottom of Group B.

中国超级联赛的第一阶段分别在大连和苏州举行。上赛季低调的上海申花和深圳足球队通过在冬季转会窗口签约提高了球队的水平。再加上大连队是一场“主场比赛”,A队的整体发牌实力肯定高于B队。 。上赛季排名第八的河南建业终于在A组中排名垫底,这可以解释这个问题。他们的得分远高于B组底部的天津泰达。

   In terms of high-intensity running distance and number of steals this season, the eight teams in the Dalian Division are ranked in the top eight. This is not accidental. Group A is indeed more intense. The competition for the top four places between Group A teams lasted until the final round, and the second place battle between Luneng and Suning waited until the final round before they were divided.

就本赛季高强度的跑动距离和抢断次数而言,大连分区的八支球队排名前八。这不是偶然的。 A组确实更加激烈。 A组之间前四名的比赛一直持续到最后一轮,而鲁能和苏宁之间的第二战一直等到最后一轮才被划分。

   Judging from the mentality of the teams in the A and B groups, it can also be seen that the desire of the A group is stronger. Luneng advanced to the third place in the group, and Li Xiaopeng's instability in the coaching position will still become a topic. With almost no foreign aid, Shenhua made it into the top four in the final round, but public opinion and fans did not seem to praise it. In Group B, Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Chongqing Dangdai were promoted to the championship group. Everyone of the two teams was relieved that the season mission had been completed ahead of schedule. The always serious Xie Feng even had the mood to make jokes with reporters at the press conference.


   After 5 consecutive victories to lock in the top 4 of the group, the news that they will rent out foreign aid came out as soon as possible. Adrian, who is the absolute core of the team and scored 6 goals and 5 assists, did not even participate in the last round of the game and was announced to join Guangzhou R&F in advance.


   The two-month intensive schedule has caused extensive injuries. Including Evergrande forward Wei Shihao who scored 6 goals in the first 5 games, Henan Jianye's midfielder Ivo, Shenhua's main center center Jin Xinyu and midfielder Moreno, Guoan core Augusto, Yongchang core Muric and Ma Important players such as Hughes have suffered injuries and the impact on the team can be described as huge.


   In contrast, Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Chongqing Modern Times did not have any injuries. Even the "baby" in Cannavaro's eyes such as Gao Lat also completed 14 starts. The neatness of the main players is a very important reason for the two teams to advance to the championship group. The two teams will be different if they have less foreign aid.






Affected by the epidemic, many foreign players of the teams failed to participate in the team's pre-season training, and even unable to rush back to the competition area in time. For example, the 5 foreign players of the Chongqing team only returned to China two days before the start of the game and began to isolate. At this stage, the Chinese class had to fight for three full rounds. But in the end, Caldek and Adrian jointly contributed 13 goals and 8 assists to help the team play 5 consecutive victories and advance to the championship group.


  Data shows that foreign players are the eye-catching one in the Super League. Hebei China’s Maer Kang unexpectedly ranked first in the scorer list, scoring 11 goals like Bakambu. The presence of Goolat, who was temporarily on loan to join the team before the start of the game, helped him a lot.

数据显示,外国球员是中超联赛中引人注目的球员。河北省的梅尔·康(Maer Kang)出人意料地在得分手名单中排名第一,打进了11个进球,例如巴卡姆布(Bakambu)。比赛开始前暂时被借来加入球队的古拉特(Goolat)在场对他有很大帮助。

   Evergrande’s Talisca is not in good condition. Wei Shihao was absent early due to injury. Paulinho continued to carry the team forward. 9 goals showed his efficiency, including multiple times to break the deadlock or offer lore.

恒大的塔利斯卡状态不佳。魏世浩因伤缺席。 Paulinho继续推动团队前进。 9个进球显示了他的效率,包括多次打破僵局或提供绝杀。

   Deepfoot John Marie looks as important as Paulinho, scoring 8 goals in 11 games and his efficiency is quite good, but the other deepfoot foreign players did not show the level expected by the outside world.

深足John Marie看起来和Paulinho一样重要,他在11场比赛中打进8球,他的效率相当不错,但是其他深足国外球员却没有表现出外界所期望的水平。

   Reliance on foreign aid, R & F and Shenhua can get rid of it. After Zahavi, the super striker who broke the CSL's single-season scoring record last year, left the team, R&F scored 7 points in three games to maintain the hope of a 4th. With Moreno and Jin Xinyu missing due to injuries, and Shalawi and Martins leaving the team, Shenhua squeezed into the top four with better defense and Bi Jinhao, who appeared at a critical time. Shenhua's signing in the domestic transfer market has paid off.






In mid-September, the FIFA General Assembly passed the membership change plan, which means that players of Chinese descent such as Jiang Guangtai and Hou Yongyong will officially be eligible to represent the Chinese team. The Chinese Football Association also stated that it will continue to proceed steadily in accordance with the new regulations. Naturalized players work. In this context, the performance of the naturalized players this season has attracted more attention.


  Hengda has only two new aids, Luo Guofu and Fernando, who were finalized last year, but the team's performance is still dominant. They locked the group first two rounds in advance. Exon, Luo Guofu, Jiang Guangtai and Fernando are certainly far behind Paulinho, but they still have some bright spots. Fernando's breakthrough and series in the frontcourt provided Evergrande with more offensive options. Exxon seems to have been unable to return to the original state in the sports battle, but the direct free kick he practiced hard makes people shine. Defender Jiang Guangtai has always been one of the most anticipated naturalized players. The physical condition and defensive ability he demonstrated in the first stage of the Bo game has obvious advantages among domestic defenders. National football coach Li Tie called him a rare candidate. .

恒大只有两名新助教,罗国富和费尔南多,他们去年才完成比赛,但车队的表现仍然占主导地位。他们提前两轮锁定了小组。艾克森(Exon)亚博yabo首页登录,罗国富(Luo Guofu),蒋光泰(Cuang Guangtai)和费尔南多(Fernando)当然落后于波利尼奥(Paulinho),但他们仍然有一些亮点。费尔南多在前场的亚博yabo首页登录突破和系列为恒大提供了更多进攻选择。埃克森美孚似乎无法在体育竞赛中恢复到原始状态,但是他辛苦练习的直接任意球让人们大放异彩。后卫姜光泰一直以来都是最令人期待的入籍球员之一。他在博弈的第一阶段表现出的身体状况和防守能力在国内后卫中具有明显的优势。国家足球教练李铁称他为罕见的候选人。 。

   Several naturalized players in the Suzhou Division, among them, Li Ke played steadily. Alan is not as sharp as before at Evergrande, but it can be seen that his threat on the court is still beyond the average local striker. Goulart's data is not very gorgeous, but those who have watched the China Fortune Games know that Goulart is the real core of China.






   The "U23 policy" of the Super League this year requires that one U23 player is always present, which gives the coach more room for adjustment. In fact, under the special competition system and intensive schedule, with more substitutions, many coaches are very willing to give young people opportunities. In order to meet the policy requirements, the number of substitutions in the form of a move has been greatly reduced, and young players have also received more quality appearances.

中超联赛今年的“ U23政策”要求始终有一名U23球员在场,这为教练提供了更大的调整空间。实际上,在特殊的比赛制度和密集的赛程中,有更多的替代者,许多教练都非常愿意给年轻人机会。为了满足政策要求,以举棋形式出现的换人次数已大大减少,年轻球员的出场次数也更多。

  Dalian is the team with the most minutes of U23 players in the first stage. They have introduced several young players such as Tong Lei and Lin Liangming this season. Benitez has also given them enough trust. Tong Lei played well both offensively and defensively, sending out 3 assists while also contributing the most 37 steals in the league. Lin Liangming also scored his own Premier League goal.


   Also gaining the first goal of the Chinese Super League was Guangzhou R&F’s Huang Zhengyu, who scored a long shot in the game against Evergrande. After receiving the Best Newcomer Award in the 2017 season, Huang Zhengyu experienced two seasons of downturn. This year, he changed to playing as a midfielder. He has made significant improvements in passing and dribbling, and has recovered his form.


  Shandong Luneng’s U23 players, a major youth training player, ranked bottom in playing time, but the performance of the young players was very eye-catching. Guo Tianyu, who is 1.92 meters tall, made a deep impression with an exquisite through pass in the first round of the league. In the fourth round, he scored the winning goal and gave the defending champion Evergrande the first defeat of the season. Duan Liuyu, who scored two goals last season, has already scored two goals this season, playing better than last year.


In addition, several young players who changed the court for more playing time also got their wish. Chen Pu from Luneng Youth Training scored two goals in Shijiazhuang Yongchang. Wen Jiabao and Zhou Junchen, who have the same ideas as him, also have their own ideas. Sit firmly in the main position of the team.


   Due to the particularity of the goalkeeper's position, many coaches will try to use U23 players in this position in order to send stronger players in the frontcourt. Guo Quanbo of Beijing Guoan is the first U23 player to get a chance to play. This season he and Hou Sen are competing for the starting goalkeeper position. In addition to him, other goalkeepers this season have begun to gain the starting position by virtue of their strength. In the third round of the league, Hebei Huaxia goalkeeper Chi Wenyi made a mistake and threw the ball into his own gate. This gave the 23-year-old Bao Yaxiong a chance to prove himself. After losing to Beijing Guoan, he helped the team zero TEDA and has since become the team. The main goalkeeper. Guangzhou R&F’s Han Jiaqi has been the team’s main goalkeeper since the preseason. He made the most 46 saves in the Super League in the first stage.


After several years of adjustments, the U23 policy has finally formed a more reasonable form. Young players can get playing time that matches their own strength, so that they can better exercise and grow. This is also the contribution of this special Super League season to Chinese football. one.


Feature writer: Nandu reporter Feng Zhen intern Zhao Yuan

feature writer: NaN读reporter F鞥Z很intern Zhao yuan

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